Ambrosia Jeen

Dec 15, 2021 | 0 comments


Tashema Richards

Ambrosia Jeen was founded by Tashema Richards. She developed a passion for sewing while in high school but never pursued a career in fashion. After no longer being able to work day to day in corporate anymore she turned back to her sewing machine and Ambrosia Jeen was born. She is a designer, creative director, stylist, wife, and a mom. Her collections have been shown in NYFW, Las Vegas, and other states throughout the tri-state area.


William LeBlanc, Doug Mitchell, Diane Chappell, Kiki Vassilakis, T.M. Williams, Essence Latifah, Mark Safran, Lamont Aulet, YTK Photography, Evan Lauber, M.A.P. Graphics, Mark Davis


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