Chloe Schnell

Dec 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Chloe Schnell

Chloe Schnell has been putting her work on runways since age 14. She studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Pulling inspiration often from unexpected things such as food, or childrens TV shows. This most recent collection” Idiomatic Aphorisms” has a more poetic perspective, each peice having its own individual inspiration. Chloe aspires to have a fashion house that can employ special skilled workers in need with proper working wages, while also bringing back interest to handmade custom garments. This Anti-Fast Fashion advocate wants to see a more sustainable and humanitarian future in the fashion industry, and if not, will create that herself.


William LeBlanc, Doug Mitchell, Diane Chappell, Kiki Vassilakis, T.M. Williams, Essence Latifah, Mark Safran, Lamont Aulet, YTK Photography, Evan Lauber, M.A.P. Graphics, Mark Davis


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