It’s Goodbye Stitched Fashion

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So it’s goodbye for Stitched Fashion…

Our 3 year run at Stitched has come to an end. To my team, collaborators, friends, and fashion fans… I want to thank you dearly for the hard work, support, and passion for fashion. The Albany area is a tough nut to crack for all artists trying to make a career. Hopefully, that will change. If you’re willing to be a hard-working hobbyist, anything is possible, even on zero budget. Our team showed that a large-scale Fashion Week concept is possible in the Capital, along with quality monthly editorials that can compete with much larger supportive cities. We kicked the doors open on collaborations with other regions in our state, even national talents. With the correct mix, the future is wide open.

Stitched was one of the most challenging and most rewarding chapters in my career. Whether it’s from nearby or far away, I look forward to watching the Upstate scene and the rising stars that originated, learned from or simply took part in the Stitched experience. Best of luck to the Capital Region creatives moving forward.

Lights out.


Stitched Fashion (


Photo credit: Kiki Vassilakis


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