Q&A: Kassie of Koko Cadet

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February’s Featured Designer

Kassie Choppa


MIKE: Hello, Kassie. You make some kick-ass head pieces! Would you describe them as really blinged out marching band hats?

KASSIE: Aww, thanks! I started calling them wearable art because I’ve created so many different styles, but blinged out marching band hats definitely works too.  At first glance, usually no one knows what they are, but they know they love them, and then they just create their own meaning for them, and I love that.  They are unique to everyone.

MIKE: Where did you come up with this idea? Would you consider yourself as a clothing designer?

KASSIE: I would always create fun outfits and accessories for myself and friends to wear at music festivals. The “blinged out” hats were always a hit and I decided to make a business out of it after friends of friends and people I didn’t know started inquiring about them. As business grew, my designs and quality quickly developed and expanded beyond just festival fashion. Of course, they are still a stunning addition to complete your Coachella look, but I love that they aren’t stuck in that box. I consider myself an artist of wearable art. Think Met Gala-like. My pieces are one of a kind, and I don’t plan on changing that. Whether it’s clothing, headwear, shoes, etc., it will always be unique and over the top!

Kassie Choppa

MIKE: You are from our area, correct?

KASSIE: That’s correct. I grew up near Lake George, lived in the south for a while, and now I’m back in the Albany area. So, I’ve moved around quite a bit, but upstate is always home.

MIKE: What types of fashion shows or editorials have your creations been a part of?

KASSIE: My designs were in a couple small editorials before I connected with Shamayim Shacaro (a fashion photographer honored by Time Magazine) through social media and we collaborated on a fashion shoot he did in Jamaica. Shortly after, I flew with my designs to Los Angeles for fashion week where they were featured in some of the runway shows, and I had a display setup at The Majestic Downtown. Out of this came more editorials, a music video, and that following season, my designs were featured on the runway at NYFW! Cosmopolitan and Elle Magazine also featured the Getty images from my show, which was very cool. That was last February and as you know, everything sort of came to a halt for the creative world shortly after due to the pandemic. But what better way to pick back up than this collaboration with Stitched in my hometown!

MIKE: I see you jumped into the photo shoot action. How was your Stitched experience?

KASSIE: I did. The shoot was a blast! I’m blown away by the talent and locations chosen for this project, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it. I can’t wait to see how it all comes out!

MIKE: That’s great! I want to thank you as well for the opportunity to work with you, and hopefully we’ll team up soon on a nearby runway.

KASSIE: I hope so too! Thank you so much for organizing this project and working hard to provide us with a safe environment to keep creating, which I know was not easy. Also, to all the other artists involved that made this happen, it was a fantastic way to bring in the new year! Cheers!


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