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The Valentine’s Models’ Round Table

What would be your dream Valentine’s Day date?

Aniah: I’m all about ambiance. My dream Valentine’s Day date would be a candlelit dinner next to a body of water, cooked by a renowned chef.

Chloe: Getting takeout from Berben and Wolff’s and watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie with some tea.

Kristen: Something spontaneous, like a pottery class or jet skiing.

Jarrah:  My dream date would be an amazing dinner at a place we’ve never been. We spend the whole night getting lost in each other’s eyes…and lots of kisses!

Tari: An arcade. Followed by a beautiful hotel and red wine.

Alexis: I would want anything that starts out with a little travel to get to, whether it’s a walk or drive, to have conversation before going out to eat. If it ends in a bathtub with bubbles and flowers, then yes, it’s a dream date.

Corinne: Valentine’s Day is too short! Give me a long weekend somewhere we’ve never been.


What is your perfect Valentine’s outfit?

Roderick: Everything red! It’s sexy.

Saadah: Red and satin.

Aniah: I LOVE dressing up. I’d find the most fitting dress to accentuate my curves, with some cute stilettos. To top it off, beautiful diamonds to sparkle on my neck.

Caroline: A knee length, tight red dress with spaghetti straps, and a small slit in the dress. I would pair the dress with black heels and gold jewelry.

Anthony: Black pea coat with a grey turtleneck underneath, along with black jeans. Maybe add a light tan scarf.

Kristen: Something comfortable but flattering, high waisted jeans and a corset top.

Elona: Something straight off the Victoria’s Secret runway.

Tari: My birthday suit.


What is Valentine’s Day with a mask gonna be like?

Destini: If you’re at home, it’ll be just like old times, but in public it may get a little annoying for us girls with our makeup done.

Kristen: It is what it is until it isn’t! No lipstick this year though.

Saadah: It will be different for sure! Ladies, I recommend a matte lipstick over a gloss. But overall, I’m sure it will be fine.

Anthony: It’s more about the connection with the individual than the physical appearance.

Corinne: I’m trying to catch cooties, not COVID. You can have a romantic evening and still play things safe! Get creative with your partner.


What is your best physical feature?

Gabriella: My eyes

Roderick: The eyes are the window to the soul. It would have to be my eyes.

Aniah: I think my best physical feature is my smile. I can light up a dark room with it.

Kristen: My smile. I was blessed with full lips.

Madison: My lips

Saadah: Me too

Alexis: I always thought my smile and mouth were a great feature of mine because of how expressive I can be without saying anything.

Caroline: I believe my best physical feature is my nose. It is the one feature that I get complimented on the most.

Destini: My skin tone and eyes.

Elona: My legs and eyes are my best features.

Anthony: My ass


What is the sexiest feature on the opposite sex?

Aniah: The sexiest feature on the opposite sex are the eyes. If I can get lost in them, you got me!

Corinne: Shoulders!

Elona: His lips, and how he paints.

Alexis: I’ve always been a fan of nice hair. Taking care of it can truly tell a lot about how well someone takes care of themselves. Whether they style it, brush and comb it or even wash it. That makes an impression on me.

Kristen: Drive, passion, commitment. If you’re talking physical, then it would have to be jawline and height.


If you were to choose a perfect date location in our area, where would it be?

Madison: Lake George. Relax, walk around and get something to eat.

Roderick: The Berlin. I love the vintage theme and old skool vibes.

Corinne: Longfellows in Saratoga Springs

Saadah: I really just want to sit and enjoy my date’s company, so I’d probably go to an old favorite in La Serre. A restaurant with an intimate vibe.

Anthony: Black & Blue Steakhouse

Jarrah: I would say The Yard, Albany. Anything interactive makes things much more fun! Their greenhouses and cocktails are amazing.

Tari: Thacher Park

Chloe: Toro Cantina, The Hollow, New World Bistro…anywhere with plant-based options!


Anywhere in the world… where would that be?

Madison: L.A.

Aniah: The Eiffel Tower as a backdrop would be magical.

Tari: Barcelona.

Caroline: The Caribbean Islands. I would love to end the night walking on the beach or swimming in the ocean.

Corinne: Cozied up in the Italian Alps.

Anthony: Switzerland, a cabin on top of the mountains.

Elona: Greece or Italy.

Jarrah: Amalfi Coast, Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico, Malibu, California. Oh wait, and Thailand. Yeah.

Alexis: Hawaii. Something about the multiple islands and being in the tropics.


Your desired Valentine…

a) food

Gabriella: Chocolate covered strawberries.

Aniah: Steak and Lobster.

Corinne: Steak. Rare please.

Destini: Any kind of seafood.

Chloe: Creamy pasta & dark chocolate strawberries.


b) drink

Roderick: Aperol Spritz

Madison: Orange Hi-C, since I’m not old enough to booze.

Caroline: Yeah, me too…Shirley Temple.

Kristen: Sangria

Anthony: Double Tito‘s with club soda and lemon.

Aniah: A glass of Riesling.

Corinne: Bottle of Chianti.


c) movie

Roderick: Hitch

Kristen: The Princess Bride

Aniah: The Notebook

Alexis: The Great Gatsby. I’ll never get tired of watching it.

Caroline: He’s Just Not That Into You

Corinne: Ever After (a smart adaptation to a timeless love story).

Chloe: French New Wave films from the 60’s.


d) gift

Kristen: I’m not picky, but it would be cool if it came from a small business.

Caroline: A DIY sentimental gift.

Jarrah: Flowers and earrings.

Tari: Complete attention.

Alexis: My gift is cliche, but flowers. I’ve never been given flowers by anyone. I’ve always bought them when I wanted them.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Aniah: My celebrity crush right now is Keith Powers.

Kristen: Me too.

Madison: Johnny Depp

Caroline: It will always be Johnny Depp.

Elona: Nas and Pharrell.

Anthony: Emma Watson

Jarrah: Adriana Lima and Elton John.

Corinne: Don’t make me choose between Adriana Lima and Gal Gadot.

Chloe: Zac Efron or Cam Gigandet.

Destini: Woody McClain

Tari: Rihanna

Saadah: Beyonce


You looked damn good in that Koko Cadet hat… Are you a rock star?

Jarrah: Haha, well that’s up to you to decide!

Caroline: Yes, and I definitely felt like one in those hats.

Tari: Some days I’m a rockstar, most days I’m a Diva!

Roderick: While I’ve only played “Rock Band ” a few times, I think I’d make a great rock star. It’s all about confidence and believing in yourself.

Alexis: Unfortunately, I am not. But all of the camcorder videos my dad took of me singing in the bathroom (like no one could hear me) when I was younger would definitely convince you otherwise.

Corinne: In the shower, in the car and in spirit.

Kristen: I play the violin, does that qualify?

Chloe: I would consider anyone that has confidence and personal style a fucking rockstar!

Aniah: I do become a rock star every weekend…catch me if you can.


What’s your next dream shoot?

Gabriella: Something very artsy that exhibits a makeup artist’s talents.

Madison: An old Hollywood theme. Something glamorous and a bit sexy.

Anthony: Men’s Health.

Chloe: Outside spaces with natural light are my favorite places to shoot. I’m also really inspired by architecture; it brings a different palette to whatever vibe you’re going for.

Caroline: I have always wanted to do model swimsuits in the water beside a waterfall. I always get excited by the setting.

Elona: My dream shoot would be underwater.

Kristen: Yes, underwater.

Tari: I’ll continue the wet theme. A wet boudoir style shoot.

Saadah: A lingerie and loungewear shoot in a dreamy location. *Hint hint, Mike* Make it happen!


Describe your experiences with Stitched so far?

Roderick: Stitched has been a great experience. It provided so many opportunities and outlets for models. It has allowed models to develop and connect to designers, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and others who love fashion. A project from Mike is always creative and a step outside the box.

Madison: I’m so happy Mike includes me in Stitched photo shoots and fashion shows. He is great to work with, easy to talk to, very professional, dedicated and super creative.

Kristen: Working with Mike is always fun. He obviously has a knack for finding like-minded individuals, and I admire his ability to have a vision and know how to make that translate into a physical form.

Chloe: I love being around people that can appreciate art, photography and fashion in a different, unique way. The experiences I’ve had with Stitched been nothing but inspiring, creative and just a fucking good time. I will always be grateful for this creative community I’ve found and continue to connect with.

Anthony: I’ve worked with many companies, but Stitched is by far the best to shoot with. It’s always great time, and Mike is truly gifted, with tremendous passion.

Saadah: My experience with Mike is like no other. This man works his you-know-what off to bring together amazingly talented people to create some bomb art! I’ve been working with Mike for 10+ years. I’ve tried to retire once or twice but he always pulls me back in. The Stitched project is amazing, and I’m here for all of it!

Caroline: This was my first photoshoot with Stitched. What a great experience! The photoshoot very organized and moved quick. Mike protects, he made me feel very comfortable and introduced me to all the stylists and models.

Destini: Since Mike and I first met 7 years ago, he’s been very caring and warm. Although things can get pretty hectic backstage at a fashion show, he has a calm sense to him, and after it’s all done, he wants us to celebrate all the hard work put in.

Tari: Mike is nothing short of amazing! He is on point with timing, provides ample details about what we will be doing, and is so encouraging while shooting. He gives me life.


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