Mell Meus

Managing Editor

Mell has a passion for business and fashion. He will use that as a driving force in his role as the Partnership Director of Stitched. He loves shaking hands and participating in local charity events and community fundraisers. He believes that you can’t be a true mover and shaker without giving back to the community.

Mell grew up in Hudson, New York. He went to Hudson Valley Community College, where he graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Mell is also an established Mortgage Loan Officer at Homestead Funding Corp., the number one independent residential mortgage lender in the Capital Region.

Mell discovered his love for the fashion industry once he entered his professional career. He later created his #TeamMell brand to help promote his mortgage business and further himself as an entrepreneur and model. Between his social media presence and sense of style, he started getting involved with fashion designers and accompanying shows including the Trinity Alliance “Rock Your Style” Fashion Show, CNYFW, and Syracuse Fashion Week.