Mike Schinnerer

Founder / Creative Director


Who is Mike? Well, Mike is a guy that wears many hats, literally and figuratively. As the Founder of Stitched, he will be hands on with the editorial process: creative direction, project management, casting, photo shoots, photo editing, graphic design, writing, editing, and marketing. When it’s time for the live stuff, he will produce the event and repeat the actions above. Mike has assembled a very talented and supportive team with the goal to bring a high-energy and true fashion experience to Upstate New York.

Mike can deal with multi-tasking and pressure. During his first professional photo shoot, his role was to direct the boisterous boxing promoter Don King. “If you can get a word in with him, it better be precise,” said Schinnerer. Mike began his career at Sports Illustrated in 1995, and he got a taste of the fashion industry immediately with his work on the popular Swimsuit Issue. He served as a liaison between Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks and their fans via early day internet chats. Mike won national publication awards, and had the honor of designing his idol, Michael Jordan’s Career in Pictures book. He continued on as an Art Director with The Source and Maxim magazines.

Mike returned back to his home, the Capital Region, in 2001. Since being back in the area, he used his skill sets as a full-time and freelance artist. Mike has led several collaboration projects and events, many of them revolving around models, fashion and photography. While producing 20+ fashion shows or creative competitions, his main goal was to build a “stage” for his fellow artists and showcase the local creative scene.

In addition to Stitched, Mike worked on local events such as the Capital Masquerade, Volume! Fantasy Hair + Makeup Competition, Albany Center Gallery Gala and consults other fashion shows between Albany and Syracuse. Mike has produced quality work worthy of any big city, and has done all of them with the initial budget of $0, having to raise the money necessary to function and pull off the large productions. His events and marketing efforts has helped raise north of $1.5 million to local charities over the last 5 years. Mike has collaborated with thousands of creatives in Upstate NY, and 2021 marked a milestone of 2000 photo shoots since 1995. He is excited about the content potential and building further relationships with Stitched Fashion.