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About Stitched

Stitched believes in the integral role that art and culture play in growing and sustaining a flourishing city and we are poised to be an unforgiving defender of the arts. Fashion is an art form and a tool for artistic expression and communication. Our community is dedicated to empowering creativity, individuality and confidence through fashion.

Stitched is a glamorous red carpet event for a good cause, showcasing the work of designers each year on the runway. It is Upstate New York’s premier fashion event, spotlighting fashion innovations and celebrating creative excellence! With a mission to support and elevate the local fashion community and provide opportunities for both local and national designers to connect with the Upstate audience. All while shining a light on local Charities.

“We decided from the very beginning that Stitched would combine fashion, art, design and flair to celebrate our amazing creative community while pledging to address Charities in great need” said Mike Schinnerer, Executive Director of Stitched. “We have never veered from that goal. We believe that is the higher mission of this fashion experience.”

Through fashion events, charitable partnerships and educational fashion seminars, Stitched wants to gain rapid acclaim for its community-service efforts and for infusing innovation into the Upstate NY regions.