Stitched Model of the Year: 2020

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Corinne Sausville


Mike: Hey buddy. It’s been fun catching up with you recently. It’s crazy that I’ve known you for 7 or 8 years now, when you started getting into modeling. We did our first few shoots together back in 2014 for my In the Loupe website.

Corinne: I know! It’s pretty wild how much has changed since then and yet, here we are again – still doing what we love. We took on some amazing projects together back in the day, but I feel like we’re bringing so much more to the table going into this year.

Mike: Congratulations on being named our Stitched Model of the Year in 2020!

Corinne: Thank you so much! I’m truly flattered and humbled. There’s so many incredibly talented and noteworthy creatives in the Capital Region that I look up to and draw inspiration from. It means a lot to be credited for doing the same.

Mike: 2020 was such a down year for many creatives. You, on the other hand, seemed to “grab the bull by the horns” and elevate your game to a new level and loaded Instagram with plenty of epic content (see slideshow). How did you do it?

Corinne: Lots of free time (laughs). I think we can all agree when everything came to a halt at the start of 2020, it was a little startling at first. I actually lost my job for a little while, but the pause helped me redistribute my time and energy into neglected pastimes and old dreams I thought were long behind me. The biggest of which was modeling. Modeling became the outlet I needed to bring to life different fantasies I had in my head and presented the perfect distraction from everything else that was going on. It felt really great to create freely like that again, and I kind of just ran with it. It helps, too, having such a variety of photographers in the area. Being able to play off other people’s personal styles and visions always keeps things fresh and interesting. There’s never a dull moment in this industry. So even when the world came to a stop, there was still plenty of opportunity.

Mike: You have a great mix of sexy, fashion and lifestyle images. Your range of expressions in your lifestyle pics are quite entertaining! Do you have any modeling goals?

Corinne: Honestly, those were actually two of my biggest goals when I started back up! I really wanted to establish a wide range in my work and be able to powerfully emote through my photographs. I never want to fall into a pattern or become too repetitive. I still try to practice different expressions and poses in the mirror and play around with self portraits to see what works. I also save a ton of inspo on Instagram whenever I come across a pose I think is unique, and I’ll actually “study” those archives before going into a shoot. My goal will always be to put out as much original content as possible, but specifically for 2021, I want to start traveling again and booking destination shoots.

Mike: Before this recent splash of modeling content, our daily dose of Corinne took place in European city after European city. You were living the dream and making us that were stuck home in the Capital Region very jealous. What were you doing overseas?

Corinne: I studied abroad in Florence, Italy back in 2016. It was there that I came across a travel company for American students that helped them venture throughout Europe. I think less than a week after I graduated, I moved back out there to work for them as one of their tour guides. I was stationed in Rome but was fortunate enough to travel every weekend for work. It was the best decision of my life (so far), but I’m ready now for the next adventure.

Mike: Do you believe those life experiences you had enhanced your modeling?

Corinne: Absolutely. I think any opportunity you get to go outside your comfort zone and experience different cultures is going to help you grow as a person. My experiences over the last few years have definitely encouraged me to think outside the box and push the envelope. The people, places and food were muses in and of themselves, but there were a lot of take-aways from the less glamorous moments too. Traveling solo and having to adapt so quickly to unfamiliar environments and obstacles beyond your control makes you feel a little unstoppable after the fact. I think living abroad really fueled my confidence and opened up my mind, which in return has for sure helped my approach to modeling, styling and overall outlook towards life.

Mike: Well, congratulations on living the good life, and I just wanted to tell your fans, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Corinne as a Stitched “on air” personality in the near future. Thanks, Corinne!

Corinne: Thanks so much again for having me, Mike. I can’t wait. Let’s get after it!


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