Stitched Pro of the Month, Makeup Artist Marcela Tobar

Stitched Pro of the Month, Makeup Artist Marcela Tobar

For Central New York Makeup Artist, Marcela Tobar, makeup isn’t just something she puts on people’s faces. Makeup artistry has become her favorite form of self-expression. Every stroke of the brush and dab of the sponge tells a story. As a native Latina growing up in New York City, she experienced an amalgamation of culture and art, all inspiring her natural-given creativity and informing her future career as a renowned Makeup artist.

When asked why she feels so passionately about her profession, she modestly states, “It’s not just about makeup. It’s about making someone feel beautiful and confident with makeup that looks effortless.”

Where does it all come from? Why such passion for this unique form of artistry and revealing one’s beauty? Perhaps it’s the need for a creative outlet or the satisfaction of seeing someone transformed. Or maybe it’s something deeper than that.

Sitting in Marcela’s studio, watching her do a client’s makeup for an upcoming video shoot, it was easy to see that her passion and love for this art form is far more than skin deep. Every person who sits in Marcela’s chair is just that: a person. To her, they’re far more than just another face. Every up-and-coming model, mother, bride, and man who trusts Marcela to reveal their true beauty is valued and seen.

Seen for more than their lashes, lips, and eyes.

Seen for who they are and what they want to be.

We asked about her view on beauty and why she takes such a personalized approach to every client. Letting out a slight chuckle and shy grin, she tells us, “Every custom makeup look I create is always different from the next. Makeup is about inspiring and empowering men and women to see the creative, elegant, fabulous, strong and artistic side we all have…it’s about transforming how we feel.” 

And feeling is something Marcela’s work certainly isn’t short on. From doing natural looks with nudes, pale pinks, and beiges to more opulent and complex looks like Dia de los Muertos makeup, her artistry is evident.

We ask one last question to Marcela, “Why do you do it?” She gives a nonchalant shrug: “Because I love it. And I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

Makeup: Marcela Tobar

Photography by: Lexy Page, Lamont Aulet