February’s Beauty & Fashion Tip

February’s Beauty & Fashion Tip

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day plans may not exactly mirror what they have in past years, but there’s no reason why we still can’t go the extra mile to look our best this sexy season… Makeup and fashion are two critical spokes in the wheel of self-expression, and February is the month of love.  So, let’s discuss some ways to stand out and look our best as we approach this Valentine’s Day.

For those of us that are un-hitched, going out and meeting people seem like a bit of a past-time, which makes finding your perfect date no easy task.  In a time where we face a new challenge of online dating and trying to catch the attention of a potential suitor, all while in an almost complete face covering, what can we easily add to our routines that will help us stand out?  For all my makeup minimalists, or those that love a bold lip, now is a great time to brush up on your eye defining skills.

As a working makeup artist for over the last decade, my personal and professional routine has evolved quite a bit over the years. Yet, the one thing that has remained a constant even through this pandemic is incorporating a false lash.  Whether you’re looking for the slightest enhancement or voluminous glam, eyelashes can be customized from everything to lash extensions, to a variety of different types of strip lashes.  These babies are definitely not a one-size-fits-all item, but I assure you there is a lash style for everyone!  Over the last year, lipstick sales have plummeted, all while the lash game has exploded.  You see them used by almost every beauty and makeup artist and influencer, and I promise you, the payoff is real.  Delivering that come-get-me glare is sure to land a little smoother with a fun and flirty lash.

I predict that lashes will continue to be a huge area of enhancement throughout the duration of this pandemic and, even under normal circumstances, are sure to elevate any look you put together.  If you have not yet learned how to apply them on your own, I’ve got a few simple tricks for you to try.

­­Tips to applying your own fabulous lashes

First, it’s important to assess the size of your eyes.  If you’ve got smaller or hooded eyes, I would recommend sticking with a light to medium density/length false lash.  If you’re not sure how to tell, most lashes on the market now have a pretty good indication as to their level of glam, and you can always compare it to others next to it.  If you’ve got larger, more well-defined eyes, the choice is yours!  Lashes of all types are likely to work for you!  Next, get yourself a swiveling and magnified mirror. This will make it much easier to position the lash on your lash line, while looking down into the magnified side.  Make sure your lash width is trimmed to fit your eye and let the glue sit between 20-30 seconds before trying to apply.  With a slanted tweezer (this style is best), gently place the lash along your lash line while looking down into the mirror as if it were the top of a table.  It takes some practice and patience, but this right here is a game changer for self-application.  Now, with a beautifully executed “smize” in your new lashes, who needs a bold lip to get noticed?

The perfect outfit

If you’ve got a special someone or even a casual date lined up, putting a look together should be the best part!  To find something that is complementary to your figure and tastefully emphasizes your best features, here are some ideas that should get you on the right path to the perfect outfit.

  • Dress up your denim – Using a closet staple, try pairing your skinny jeans with a silk or lace trimmed camisole and an edgy, cropped leather jacket. Finish off the look with a pair of ankle-exposing heels or an over-the-knee boot and a fun pair of earrings.  For a look that’s a little more casual, this combination is guaranteed to give off that cool but sophisticated vibe.
  • Color pairing – Pairing together shades that complement one another, such as natural earth tones paired with a bold pop of color elsewhere. For example, try a neutral toned dress or skirt separates, paired with a bold overcoat or accessory.  The pop of color gives you that look of confidence and, when done right, can look effortlessly chic.
  • The LBD – Every woman should own one. A classic and super versatile staple can be styled in so many different ways depending on your plans and location.  I recommend you let your accessories do the talking.  Whether you pair your dress with a beautiful statement necklace or a pair of diamond earrings, I suggest you pick one or the other.  Finish off the look with a chic envelope-styled bag and a strappy heel or classic pump, and this look will have you ready for the finest of dining.

Before you go, make sure to pamper yourself with a gentle body polish to exfoliate and give you the most touch-worthy skin after a shave or wax.  Every look starts with what’s underneath, so a facial and waxing appointment is always an important part of any self-care routine.  Enjoy, and I hope everyone finds a little love this season…

Kelli Desnoyers, makeup artist, educator and creator of Alter Ego Lashes by Kelli Desnoyers.